Write clear, concise and condensed meeting minutes and still keep your sanity!


I love it when I come across websites that provide useful content to help me in life in general plus also professionally.

Listed below are my top four go-to websites for minute taking and meetings resources.


Videoconferencing and collaboration solutions

For those of you who have a lot of virtual meetings, GoToMeeting has a good blog on how to make sure these are run effectively.


Stay up to date on the latest issues, trends and best practices in board management and governance.

While not so much on minute taking, BoardEffect have a great blog that discusses a lot of issues around board governance. A minute taker working at this level needs a good understanding of governance issues so that you can provide the best support to management (and ultimately the board).


Paperless meetings with iBabs.

Some good blog articles including the future of meetings and meeting trends.


This website encourages people to be creative in their work and this includes thinking outside of the square in terms of meetings.

Do you have any good meeting/minute taking websites that you go to?


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