Write clear, concise and condensed meeting minutes and still keep your sanity!

My last post was on the process of getting draft minutes approved.

This post lists the correct way to amend a draft set of minutes when at a meeting.

Imagine this scenario

The minutes from the last month’s (say September) meeting have already been distributed previously to meeting participants and they’ve had the opportunity to amend them.

We’re now at this month’s (October) meeting and we’re up to the agenda item of approving the minutes of the last meeting.

Someone wants to amend something. Wait! Can they do that? Haven’t they already had the opportunity to do that? Yes they have, but they’re still entitled to have another shot at them.

So what happens now?

A participant may say:

“On page 3 of the minutes, can we change ‘party’ to ‘picnic’?”

The minutes of today’s meeting (October) will record the following:

That the minutes of the (date) September meeting be accepted as a true and correct record with the following amendment:

Page 3   Under “Christmas Function” – Change ‘party’ to ‘picnic’

Moved:  J Bloggs

Seconded: P Smith


The chairman can then make the above amendment on the hard copy and initial the change.

Is this the process you follow for recording amendments to minutes?

2 thoughts on “What is the correct way to amend minutes?

  1. Lynne Gates says:

    Minutes from the March meeting need to be amended or at least a correction provided to a financial report that was inaccurate at the time. The next meeting in November is when we need to do this. So, what was formerly stated and approved was incorrect. Now it’s November and we have the corrections to the financial reports. What is the proper way to report and record such changes?


    1. robynfb says:

      Hi Lynne Thank you for your question. I would state in the November minutes that subsequent to the March meeting that there was an error in the financials (details to what it is). Then in the November minutes you can state what the correct figures should be. Hope this helps.


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