Write clear, concise and condensed meeting minutes and still keep your sanity!

Whew! The hard part’s done. Meeting attended and minutes written to draft stage.

So what happens to them now?

Here’s a suggested process:

  1. Minutes emailed to Chairman for checking
    Email the minutes to the Chairman or senior staff person for a first check. This check is to ensure accuracy of the discussions that took place plus resulting decisions, actions and responsibilities and to ensure that nothing was left out of the minutes that should’ve been included.
  2. Minutes come back to the minute taker
    The minutes are then emailed back to you to from the chairman/senior staff person.
  3. Changes are made
    The minute taker makes the changes.
  4. Minutes emailed to meeting participants
    The minutes are then sent out to all meeting participants with a request for any amendments to be emailed back to you by a certain date.
  5. Minutes distributed
    The minutes are then distributed (still in draft form) with the next agenda.
  6. Minutes approved
    At the next meeting, participants still ave the option of being able to amend the minutes (the correct way to do this will be a future post topic).
    If there are no amendments, then they are approved by all at the meeting with the motion: That the minutes be approved as a true and correct record.

Is this the process you follow? Do you have any tips on how to get draft minutes back from your chairman in a timely way?



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