Write clear, concise and condensed meeting minutes and still keep your sanity!

2 thoughts on “Proofreading Checklist

  1. Hunor, Nelija, Vodafone Group says:

    Hi Robyn,

    You have great and practically useful articles that draw my attention where I can improve further, thanks for your work ☺ I love you added “plain English” to the check list, not obvious but so true

    Currently I have less opportunity to implement these ideas but I hope my new position will give me more exposure. I am moving on to another company. Since I subscribed with my work email, and by the end of June it will no longer be working, what would you suggest? Shall I unsubscribe and subscribe with another email address or can you change Nelija.hunor@vodafone.com to nelija.hunor@gmail.com ?

    Many thanks and hope you have a great week,


    Nelli Hunor
    Executive Assistant to
    Dénes Láng, Mel Johnson, Tamás Pók,
    Ildikó Bereczki
    Service Management, Assistant Team
    Vodafone Shared Services Budapest
    Mobile: +36 70 4122105
    Email: nelija.hunor@vodafone.com

    Vodafone Shared Services Budapest, Location: Arena Corner, Kerepesi Tower, H-1087 Budapest, Hungária körύt 40-44, Hungary


    1. robynfb says:

      Hi Nelli Thank you for your feedback. It’s great to read that you are finding the tips helpful. The best way to stay up to date is to unsubscribe and then resubscribe with your new email address. Best wishes with your new job!


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