Write clear, concise and condensed meeting minutes and still keep your sanity!


Who likes taking minutes?

As a minute taker trainer one of the questions I always ask at the beginning of my courses is, “Who likes taking minutes?” Generally, nobody puts their hand up. A few people say, “I don’t mind it.” Most people vigorously shake their heads. They avoid minute taking like the plague!

What are the most common challenges?


The next question I ask is; “What are your common challenges in minute taking? What is it about minute taking you don’t like?”

And here’s what people say over and over.

  • How much detail should I put in my minutes
  • Meetings that digress from the agenda
  • Meeting behaviour
  • I’m writing a book
  • Understanding the subject, acronyms and jargon
  • People who talk too fast, have accents and/or speak quietly
  • Listening and writing at the same time
  • Having a dual role (taking the minutes and having to participate)
  • What tools can I use to take minutes?
  • The correct template and style to use
  • I’ve never taken minutes before
  • Staying awake and looking interested!

Could you identify with any of the above? As a minute taker I have experienced all of these. So how can I best help you?

Minute taking resources and support for you

Minute Taking Madness – the book!


I’ve written about my experiences as a minute taker and minute taker trainer and if you’d like the solutions to the above how about checking out my Minute Taking Madness book (for other purchasing options go to the Home page)? There are heaps of tips, techniques and exercises included in the book to help you be a better minute taker.


The challenges we face as minute takers can sometimes seem insurmountable, but there’s always a solution and a way forward. You’re not alone out there! I hope you find the resources helpful.


Do you have any challenges not listed above?





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