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Quorum definition

Formal meetings quite often need to have rules around ensuring that a majority of members are present at the meeting. The technical name for this is a quorum. Dictionary.com defines a quorum as, the number of members of a group or organization required to be present to transact business legally, usually a majority.

Where do I find out if my meeting has a quorum requirement?

This will normally be laid out in documents such as standing orders, rules, constitution, trust deed or terms of reference (see Documents you need to be familiar with as a minute taker).

What happens if I know there won’t be a quorum for the meeting?

The quick fix here is to reschedule the meeting for when there will be a majority attendance.

If there is no quorum at the start of the meeting what can we do?

There are a number of options available:

  • wait until the quorum is met
  • cancel the meeting
  • have a discussion only meeting.

…Or have an in quorate meeting

The meeting takes place without a quorum and any decisions that are made must be ratified at the next meeting. The minutes are headed up as in ‘In quorate meeting’.


Ideally the quorum should be met at the start of the meeting, however, if this hasn’t happened there are a number of options available including having an in quorate meeting.

What options from the above list have you followed when a meeting hasn’t met its quorum requirements?



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